Friday, March 10, 2006

Bullworker History

Invented by Gert Kobell, there were three models devised

The Bullworker utilizes both isometric and isotonic training principles.
Bullworker became an instant sucess due to the fact that you could get a complete workout in just a few minutes per day. The device hit every muscle group a well as affecting the Circulation system of the body. The equipment was used in the daily training programs of such notables like Muhammed Ali, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bruce Lee and many others! On this page you will see my training sheet, showing some of the exercises.

Gert Kobell

The Background of the Bullworker

If you are interested in body building you may have used a chest expander at one time or another. Whilst you can use the Bullworker as an expander, you can also contract it. It is this contraction which makes the Bullworker such a magnificent body builder, and is the reason why Bullworker has revolutionised body building.

The inventor of the Bullworker, Gert F. Kolbel studies the workings of the human body for over ten years. He then produced a prototype body builder of which the present apparatus is a development.
Most of the exercises that come with the Bullworker were developed personally by Herr Kolbel, and the principle on which they are based is known as Isometric Contraction. Today, scientists and doctors all over the world are working actively to spread this type of exercise.

The Bullworker itself has been ordered by European Government bodies and Hospitals. The German Olympic Team have trained with it in the past, and it has been favourably reported upon on both television and radio. Month by month it is being sold in more and more countries throughout the world. Using Isometric Contraction, the mentioned exercise type of the Bullworker on the Bullworker Introduction page, you are able to exercise 300 of the human bodies 500 basic muscles.

Using the Bullworker you can train your body throughout to produce a superb muscular system. Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the Bullworker system is that most of the exercises last only seven seconds and these exercises don't merely strengthen the muscles, they also strengthen internal organs.
Some traditional methods of body building require a considerable amount of effort, using heavy weights and putting in hours of tiring work. There is no certainty at all that you will get satisfactory results as they are basically every time wasting methods of building muscles. Furthermore your success using these methods depends very greatly upon the amount of will-power you exert. With the Bullworker the element of chance is greatly reduced.

How the Bullworker develops the three basic types of body:

1. The Abdominal (a compacted rounded shape, few muscles, and a heavy bone structure). With this type of body the Bullworker removes the fatty tissues and increases the muscle substance. Each week more and more inches are reduced around the stomach, and at the same time the chest measurements expand. Arms and legs gain power. The circulation works more easily. The upper part of the body, instead of being round, becomes V-shaped. And overall endurance is increased.

2. The Thoracic type (slim with light bone structure, scarcely any muscles, inclined to have a bad carriage). Bullworker exercises increase the muscles and change the shape of the body towards the athletic. A flat chest becomes deeper, more powerful. Arms and legs grow strong in a way rarely known in this type of body. The carriage, or way you walk, is improved, the result of strengthening back muscles. In addition the circulation is improved and the upper part of the body becomes V-shaped. Endurance with this type of body is also increased.

3. The Athletic type (slim with a good muscular system). In cases like these you can expect the maximum possible amount of success with Bullworker. Individual groups of muscles can be greatly improved and there can be great strengthening or organic power. The difference between size of chest and slimness of waist should become even greater. The chest will thrust out noticeably above the line of the stomach. Arms and legs will become more muscular and powerful, the back will become V-shaped, and endurance and resilience will be increased quite remarkably.

The remarkable thing about Isometric Contraction the Bullworker produces is how easy it is. It is extraordinary to think that a once-a-day exercise, lasting only 7 seconds, per muscle group, is enough to stimulate the growth of the muscular system. The truth of the matter is that whether you exercise for 15 seconds, one minute, or ten minutes per muscle group the growth will probably not be greater than for an exercise lasting 7 seconds!


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